Advanced LTC Course

Take this course after you’ve taken our Basic LTC course and have received your license. This is a more advanced style course for those who want to sharpen their skills.

Now that you have your License to Carry you may think that is all you need but nope, there is so much more to carrying a firearm whether its concealed or carried openly.

We offer a tried and true course known as “Dusk to Dawn” and this package covers:

  • Daily activity involving the carrying/storage and concealment of your firearm.
  • Understanding firearm ammo/holster and retention practices.
  • Covering scenarios involving common establishments such as restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, etc.. in regards to firearm carry.
  • Offensive and Defensive positioning.
  • Atypical situations involving the use of your limbs.
  • Shooting exercises that involve real time situations.