• Below you will find brief descriptions and the prices for all the courses we provide. For more information about a specific course you can find it listed in the dropdown menu.

ALL classes are conducted at 2806 Fredericksburg Rd, San Antonio, Texas 78201 Ste. 111

Firearm Education Course- CALL FOR APPOINTMENT.

  • This a course specific for each individual and their own pistols, shotguns or rifles.
  • The student will learn about the basic function and fundamentals of their firearm.
  • They will become familiar with the handling, loading and unloading of their firearm along with proper firearm maintenance procedures.
  • This is not an all day course, it is only a 2 hour long course in a classroom setting, packed with essential information.
  • This course is $150 without range time/$250 with range time.
  • Range time will require the student to supply their own ammunition.
  • We highly suggest taking the LTC course after this course. (you can save $100 off range time and use it on the LTC course)
  • The student can enroll in weekly sessions to improve their shooting capability which can be discounted in a bulk package
  • Contact Us for more information.

Bexar County Courts’ Mandatory Firearm Safety Courses- On demand.

  • We are certified to offer firearm safety classes as required by the Bexar County Courts for criminal/civil offenses.
  • Inquire on our Contact Us page.
  • We can conduct your class the same day (if time allows) or within 24 hours.
  • Classroom setting.
  • This class is $125
  • You will receive a tracked certified certificate that can be verified by the court.

Enhanced LTC/CHL Course- July 21st, 2024.

(Shooting portion subject to change due to weather)

  • Sign up here.
  • Our Enhanced LTC class is the best out there. We don’t just give you the bare minimum LTC class as mandated by the state. We explain in detail the laws, rules as well as discuss common situations and scenarios you might face while carrying a firearm for self defense. Our reviews do not lie. We use the SAME time as others basic class but pack it with the LATEST criminal trends to avoid and deal with.
  • 1 day class from 10:30am- 4:30pm (We understand some people have busy schedules or the weather changes up so the shooting portion may be scheduled for the next day, next week or next class.)
  • Includes current affairs involving crime, laws and your License to Carry. Also discusses 2A carry and the laws that relate.
  • Keep in mind that there are only 12 spots open per class, so please be courteous and contact us if you do not plan to attend. This gives other students an opportunity to take the class and also helps us avoid low attendance numbers.
  • This class is $80, which covers class and range time.
  • You will need to pay this course in advance in order to confirm your seat for the class.

Private/Group LTC/Firearm training Classes-We go to you!

(Shooting portion subject to change due to weather)

  • We are currently offering 1 on 1 or group Firearm Instruction. This instruction focuses on the License To Carry class or Firearm training and learning how to properly use your firearm.
  • Special Events Private Class.
  • We will tailor make the class according to your trade or business. (i.e. Uber driver, convenience store worker, delivery driver etc)
  • Class portion conducted at our or your location.
  • Class schedule begins on your time.
  • You will need a pistol (.22 to .45), Ammunition (50 rounds or more), ear and eye protection. No shorts or flip-flops. Collared shirt preferred.
  • The shooting portion will be conducted after the written test. The shooting portion will take place at our range.
  • If you have any questions please message or call us through the Contact Us page.

Real Estate Companies’ LTC/Firearm Course

  • An LTC Course catering to Real Estate Agents and their industry regarding their safety, awareness and issuance of a License To Carry.
  • We will go over the laws, critical situations, and how to handle a threat all while being within your rights to do so.
  • A minimum of 5 people will be needed for this class
  • This course will be priced at $150 per person

Confidence Course

  • The ideal class to take for beginners getting into the carrying of your firearm.
  • In this course you will learn how to properly choose and set up your holster for concealed/open carry.
  • You will learn situational awareness and how to deal with real world current event situations.
  • You will learn carrying exercises that will assist in muscle memory to aid in carrying your firearm.
  • You will learn how to hold, aim and fire your firearm with 1, 2, weak and strong hands.
  • You learn about barrier/cover shooting.
  • So much more. This class is very informative and fun!
  • This course is $250 per person. Available 1 on 1 or as a team.

Scenarios and Situations Workshop

      This is a non-shooting workshop where we discuss situations, scenarios and new laws to help
you get better trained and prepared for situations. We discuss and educate you on what to look for,
How to deal and what to do in MANY common situations and scenarios. From home to malls. Verbal Judo, De-escalation,
Positioning and action. Our workshops are as current as the date you are reading this. No old stuff here!

This workshop is $150 per person

The “Bulk Package”

Call or email us about our Bulk Package which includes what every new shooter needs.